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The following are ACMC's twelve Mission Assessment Profile (MAP) categories with related articles from Mobilizer Magazine..



1. CHURCH LEADERS ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Summer 2006 – Strategic Missions Leadership

·       Article: “Give them the World ~ Pastoring with Global Vision by Steve Harling

·       Article: Building a Strong Web of Relationships by David Mays



2. MISSIONS TEAM ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Spring 2002 - Missions Leadership

·       Article: “Leading Your Church Missions Ministry in Style by David Dougherty

·       Article: “Issues and Trends in Missions Leadership Team Structure by David Mays

·       Article: “Missions Ministry Leadership Organized by Acts 1:8 by Paul Harper 



3. MISSIONS STRATEGY ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Summer 2005: Developing a Missions Strategy 

·       Article: “Developing a Missions Strategy by Blake McDaniel



4. BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS ~ Mobilizer Magazine: None



5. CONGREGATIONAL EDUCATION ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Fall 2004: Children’s Mission Education

·         Article: Getting Started in Children’s Mission’s Education by Jill Harris

·         Article: Finding the Right Children’s Mission Education Curriculum by Karen Hardin

·         Article: Partnering with the Children’s Department by Nancy Tichy

·         Article: Bill of Rights for Kingdom Kids by Nancy Tichy 



6. INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION ~ Mobilizer Magazine: None



7. PRAYER ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Summer 2006 (Prayer is not the main topic of this issue)

·         Article: Empowering you Church Pray for Missions by Andrew Wheeler)



8. GIVING ~ Mobilizer Magazine: What’s Happening to the Missions Budget? Spring 2005

·         Article: What’s Happening to the Missions Budget? By Bruce Camp (Mobilizer)

·         Article: Spending Strategically: Case Studies of Five Churches (Mobilizer)



9. MISSIONARY CARE ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Missionary Care & Evaluation – Winter 2004-05

·         Article: “Missionary Care Through Short-Term Teams

·         Article: “Missionary Care Through Care Teams

·         Article: “Evaluating Your Missionaries: When, Why and How by Mike Pollard



10. LOCAL OUTREACH ~ Mobilizer Magazine: None




11. SHORT-TERM MISSIONS ~ Mobilizer Magazine: Maximum Impact Short Term Missions - Summer 2003

·         Article: The Training Challenge by Larry Ragan

·         Article: Issues & Trends in Short-Term Missions·        

·         Article: Developing Student Leaders Through Short-Term Trips  by Ridge Burns

·         Article: Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions 



12. MISSIONARY TRAINING ~Mobilizer Magazine: Preparing Future Missionaries - Fall 2005

·         Article: Pre-Field Training: Your Missionary’s Future May Depend on It by George Schulz

·         Article: Missionary Training: Not if, but When and How by Art Beals

·         Article: Best Practices in Missionary Training by Steve Hoke, with David Dougherty, Dave Broucek, and Scott Holte

·         Entire Mag: The Road to the Field: Local Church-Based Missionary Preparation - Fall 2001


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